Leeds Bi Group

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Social Meet Ups

To balance out our talky spaces, Leeds Bi Group meets for a more social meet up towards the end of each month.

Picture of Bilee the Unicorn with cake

Our social meet ups vary, usually a Wednesday evening or weekend afternoon towrad the end of the month. For exact dates and times, check out our calendar on our News page, follow us on social media or join our monthly newsletter (see Contact Us).

From May 2016, we are trialling joining our social space with the local trans group: Trans Leeds. For more information on Trans Leeds, check out our Resources page. These spaces are open to anyone who identifies as bi+ (people who are attracted to more than one gender) and/or who are under the trans umbrella.

Picture of Bilee the Unicorn at a bowling alley

Over the last few years, our social meet ups have included bowling, pool/snooker, the cinema, movie nights, board games, café and pub meet ups and local events such as visiting queer exhibitions at the local museum.

As with our talky spaces, we welcome ideas for things to do in our social meet ups. Please let us know if you have an idea or know of an event that you think might work well.